10 Top Open Source Best PHP Frameworks 2014 List

There is a list for 10 Top best php frameworks 2014. As you are reading this post that means you are a PHP programmer. As you are a programmer you may know what is the necessity of any framework. Every framework has it’s own Spec. Best open source php frameworks helps you to work faster and easier. You can also take a look at the Popular PHP Framework list.

Look at the following image it will clear you what is popular and what is use by more and more developer. I have use Google trends to find out the best. I also check the user feedback. If you want to say mathematically,  which is best? Than i can say Laravel>CodeIgniter>Symfony>Phalcon>Yii Framework. That means Laravel is greater than all of this.

top php frameworks comparison


phpandstuff has a post about Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a PHP Framework. I just maintain the keyword of that post bellow:

  1. Code and File Organization
  2. Utilities and Libraries
  3. The MVC Pattern
  4. Security
  5. Less Code & Faster Development
  6. Community Support The Official Laravel PHP Framework Community Portal
  7. Job Opportunities
  8. Performance Tooll
  9. Suitable for Teamwork
  10. And It’s more and more Fun!

 Laravel : The PHP Framework for Web Artisans

Laravel is one of the best php frameworks 2014. Laravel has opened a new window most of the developer over the world. It’s a free an open source best PHP web frameworks designed and developing by MVC (Model–view–controller). Laravel makes them more creative who are really creative. After all Laravel is the best php frameworks 2014.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Laravel



Phalcon (High performance PHP frameworks)

Phalcon is an open source full stack PHP framework. This framework has written as a C-extension and optimized for high performance. No need to learn C language, since the functionality is exposed as PHP classes ready for you to use.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Phalcon



Symfony (PHP framework for web development)

Symfony is one of the best PHP framework for web application. This is more powerful , flexible and scalable over all framework. Drupal (one of the best CMS system), PHPBB (most used discussion board system) use Symfony. Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components and a PHP framework for web projects.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Symfony



Yii Framework (Best for Web 2.0 Development)

Yii is the fast, secure and professional PHP Framework over the world. Yii Framework is a high-performance PHP framework and this is best for developing Web 2.0 apps. This framework comes with  MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord and some other object oriented database object service. This framework is popular for developing social network website.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Yii Framework



CodeIgniter (PHP web framework)

After Laravel i can say this is the best php frameworks 2014.

Some features about CodeIgniter :

  • a framework with a small footprint.
  • exceptional performance.
  • You prefer nearly zero configuration.
  • want to adhere to restrictive coding rules.
  • want to learn another template language.
  • You are not interested in large-scale monolithic libraries.
  • broad compatibility with standard hosting.
  • You prefer simple solutions to complexity.
  • to spend more time away from the computer.
  • clear, thorough documentation.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to CodeIgniter



Cake PHP(The rapid development PHP framework)

Cake PHP is one of the best framework follow in 2014. Cake PHP released it’s 3.0 version at 2014-09-28. No additional or external XML or YAML file configuration is required, just setup your database and you are ready to use Cake PHP.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Cake PHP



Auraphp (Aura of PHP)

Auraphp contains clean code, fully decoupled libraries  and truly independent packages. If you like all this then the Aura project is for you. Download a single package and start using it in your project today, with no added dependencies.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Aura PHP



Zend Framework (Best php frameworks 2014)

I’ve used Zend Framework 2 in large scale enterprise projects for 2 years. But now I am personally do blogging. Zend framework is designed with simplicity in mind. It is lightweight, easily customizable, and focused on most common needed functionality. This is the most popular framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Aura Zend Framework



Kohana  (The Swift PHP Framework)

If you want to build web application quickly then Kohana is the best PHP framework for you. It has many  components include  translation tools, database access, code profiling, encryption, Validation and so on. The profiling tool helps you to save your time and helps you to use the right tools.

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


Go to Kohana



Slim Framework (Best php frameworks 2014)

Slim PHP framework designed for light design. This is a micro framework that allows you to build or develop web applications and APIs.

  • Powerful router
  • Standard and custom HTTP methods
  • Middleware and hook architecture
  • Simple configuration
  • Route middleware
  • Template rendering with custom views
  • Route parameters with wildcards and conditions
  • Route redirect, halt, and pass
  • Secure cookies with AES-256 encryption
  • HTTP caching
  • Logging with custom log writers
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Flash messages

Best PHP Frameworks 2014


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