Free SEO And Website Analysis Tools For Digital Marketer And Blog Writer

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. I think there is no free tool which can provide 100% information for research any website. I am going to mention some free Website Analysis Tools for Digital Marketer.

Before working with this tools, it will be better for us if we note down what we need to research. I am going to share how I work with this tools. At first I always write down my target. If you are a digital marketer or blog writer, this tools will help you too much. I believe that step by step working guide saves our time. Read this following line for Website Analysis Tools know how do I research for my website. I follow Q&A (Question and Answer) and it works great for me.

What I need to know about My personal or business website?

  1. Find out Competitor?
  2. How does my competitor work?
  3. What about my competitor rank in Search Engine?
  4. What about my Competitor backlink?
  5. Is there any Code error?
  6. How about my Website Speed?
  7. What about my Sitemap?

That’s it. With this 7 questions, you can make your website better. You must do something better than your competitor. Note down this question and find out answer with this following Website Analysis Tools.

Open Site Explore

Open Site Explore is an online tool for analysis your link. You can analysis your website URL, Backlink URL with this Tool.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

Ahrefs Site Explore

Ahrefs is a site explore and Backlink Checker. You can explore your full website with this tool. Generate some important idea for your website and check how your website perform into web.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

Quick Sprout

Complete your website analysis with this tool. Select your competitor and also compare with them. Look what your competitor position and inspire yourself for doing better than them.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

Similar Web

Get connected with your competitor. Look what your competitor do. Follow them and be inspired with their work. This tool helps you to find your perfect competitor and be a spy to their work. It’s really awesome for all new blogger.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

SERPs Rank Checker

Check your website rank with your site keyword. This is a tool which helps you to watch your website rank on search engine. Checking keyword rank on search engine is really important. Because without perfect keyword nobody can be a success person in this blogging life.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool


Backlink plays a great role for ranking a website. A Quality backlink can increase your website rank in all search engine. Not only Google but also other search engines like yahoo and bing also consider rank with the quality backlink. Find out your similar website or blog site and make a simple research with this backlink finder tool.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

keyword tool

This is a simple tool make a simple research with the keyword. Mind that without perfect keyword we can not write an effective post. This is very simple tools and anyone can work with this tool.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool


You can get a full report for your website. How much popular your website into web? Take care your website and learn how to fix your website problem. Fix your website problem and make your website or personal blog site better.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool


It’s an awesome tool for the blog writer. We know that no website with copy paste can rank on search engine. You must check your website article with this tool.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

PageSpeed Insights

This is a tool provide by Google. Check website speed and make your website faster.  Fix all problem and your web site automatically pass all score and become more comfortable.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom online tool developed for checking website speed. Enter website URL and check the loading time. Analyze your web site and find bottlenecks.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is very important for indexing any website into search engine. Sitemap provide some important data for Search Engine. XML sitemap generator helps you to create a better sitemap for your website. Just follow some instruction and make your own sitemap.

 traffic estimator and website analysis tool

All of this tools are used by professional marketer and blogger.

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I am a Technology lover and Marketer. I love up to date me with new trends of the web. I always love to research about new idea and new trends.

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