Joomla Social Network Extensions For Social Marketing

Joomla is a CMS site like WordPress. Use Joomla Social Network Extensions For Your Social Marketing.

Joomla Social Network Extensions is very necessary for your social marketing. Without social marketing you can not improve your business. There is a link between your success and social marketing. You can read more about Joomla CMS software.

Without using Top Best Joomla Social Network Extensions you can not be success. Some people like wordpress and some other like Joomla also. Who loves joomla you have to use this following plugin as you need.

Increase your earn and traffic with the help of this following social plugin.

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EQ Twitter Latest

If you have a Twitter account, you know the prevalence of followers. This module integrate in your Joomla website several functionalities in one extension ! Twitter latest allows the display of the “follow” button that enable to follow your twitter account in one click. It also displays a time line that show the last publications made on your twitter account and allows visitors to directly tweet you from the module!

Demo Download


EQ Twitter Latest Joomla Social Network Extensions

EQ FB Page

If you have a Facebook Page, you know the prevalence of fans. This module integrate in your Joomla website 3 functionalities in one extension ! FB Page allow the display of the “like” button that enable to like your Facebook Page in one click. It also displays a time line that show the last publications made on your facebook page and it displays some fans profils thumbnails.

Demo Download


EQ FB Page Joomla Social Network Extensions

Linkedin Share

Socialize your Joomla website with this little share button that will increase your site visibility for free ! To add it, use this plug-in, LinkedIn Share. From now on, your visitors can share all your contents, articles, videos, pictures and others on the social network LinkedIn

Demo Download


Linkedin Share Joomla Social Network Extensions

Events Ajax Search Mod For Joomla – JomEvents

Extend your Joomla Events extension – JomEvents with the powerful events ajax search module.

Live search based on filters like start and finish date, location and category. Quick results and multiple configuration options

Event Search module requires JomEvents extension to work.

Demo Download


Events Ajax Search Mod Joomla Social Network Extensions

Facebook Traffic Popup Module for Joomla

Development up from one plugin for Joomla!. Facebook Traffic Popup would be a really useful module for anyone who is interested in marketing from facebook with 900 million users. This module will allow you to add thousands of fans to any site on Facebook.

Demo Download


Facebook Traffic Popup Module Joomla Social Network Extensions

Social Traffic Popup module for Joomla

Best Features Of Social Traffic Popup Module;

  • Get traffic for your website or your url with 3 Social Engine: Facebook, Google+, Twitter.
  • Easy custom title and message for pop-up box form module manager interface.
  • Support image and image link in message from default image or your image.
  • Change number of seconds lock your website till time you share message via anyone Social Engine.
  • You can set 1 or 2 or 3 social buttons that you want.
  • And many other feature

Demo Download


Social Traffic Popup module Joomla Social Network Extensions

JoomShareBar Pro – Ultimate Joomla Social Sharing

Some special features for JoomShareBar;

  • Lazy Loading Buttons (load buttons after page is completely loaded, so maximum performance)
  • 3 Lazy Loading options, e.g. load buttons after mouse hovers over them (see DEMO)
  • Slide Along when User Scrolls (Follow = Always Visible), optional ANIMATED slider!
  • K2 Support
  • Multiple Pre-Loaded Button Design Presets
  • Vertical or Horizontal Annotations (number of shares)
  • First & ONLY Responsive Social Sharing Plugin for Joomla!
  • Display as (Floating) Vertical Skyscraper or Horizontal Bar or both!
  • Individual display options for Article and Category View: you choose which buttons are displayed in Article View and which buttons are displayed in Category View
  • Individual styling for Article and Category View: make the appearance match your website’s design
  • Multiple Design Presets for the Container
  • Display social sharing buttons (Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1, Google + Share, LinkedIn, Buffer, Pinterest, Xing, StumbleUpon) to your Joomla! articles and category blogs

Demo Download


JoomShareBar Pro Joomla Social Network Extensions

Social Slider for Joomla

This is the best Social Slider plugin for Joomla on the market. Easy to install, 3 click configuration, awesome tabs design. Easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and popularity.

Demo Download


Social Slider Joomla Social Network Extensions

Joomla Board

Kind of a social network component for Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5, based on Ajax, which allows Your users to write a posts and place a comments.

It’s fully integrated with Joomla permissions, so You are able to decide who can write a post and who can’t.

Demo Download


Joomla Board Joomla Social Network Extensions

Like 2 Show

Like 2 Show is a special kind of module. It will help Your fanpage grow, simple and fast. How it works? Imagine You have some cool free stuff You want do give Your site visitors (ebook, great link, image etc.), bunt not entirly free. You want them to like Your facebook fanpage for this. How to make sure, thay did it, and not spend hours on this task? Here comes Like 2 Show module for Joomla. Adding this module to Your site will force Your users to like fanpage You want, and after that, redirect them to hidden content as a reward. Simple and powerfull.

Demo Download


Like 2 Show Joomla Social Network Extensions

Article Content Locker Social – Joomla Plugin

Features for Article Content Locker Social;

  • Like, Tweet or g+ to lock/unlock article content.
  • Cookie/Session Based
  • Ease of Implementation
  • User Friendly
  • Search Engine Crawler friendly i.e. Search engine will be able to give full value to your article content but user will only be able to read it until like, tweet or g+.

Demo Download


Article Content Locker Joomla Social Network Extensions

miniTweets for Joomla – Embed Twitter Data

miniTweets for Joomla is a powerful plugin wich allows embed Timelines, Searches, Hashtags or user Plates from Twitter, also includes a intelligent cache system with auto backup.

Demo Download


miniTweets Joomla Social Network Extensions

All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin

All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin if the One Stop solution for your Social Sharing/Bookmarking needs on your Joomla Website.
(Supports FACEBOOK , TWEET , GOOGLE +1, PINTEREST Button and other 108 social bookmarking buttons. Get it and drive more traffic to your website!

Demo Download


All in One Social Share Joomla Social Network Extensions

Pin it on Pinterest Joomla Module

Pin It in Pinterest is a lightweight and simple Joomla module, which can be published anywhere on your Joomla website, letting your users to be able to pin their desired image and text.

Demo Download


Pin it on Pinterest Joomla Social Network Extensions

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