Jquery Lightbox With Zoom Slider Image Gallery Plugin

jquery lightbox with zoom provide zooming effect into image, text and other content. Take a look awesome slider image gallery plugin.

jquery lightbox with zoom helps you to highlight your product or portfolio images. There is a huge list for your work. This all jquery lightbox with zoom plugin helps you more. Easy to customize and easy to use. Just before download check the demo look and than try it into your site. Get touch zoom jequery lens plugin and create lightbox gallery image, add zooming magnifying glass in any site.Download free image zooming jquery plugin and set touch jquery menu for mobile into your site.

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Zoom.js – Jquery Lightbox With Zoom

zoom.js is a proof of concept JavaScript API for zooming in on DOM elements or points. Click on any element on this page to zoom in and click again, or use ESC, to zoom out. You can zoom your any webpage element by this Zoom.js plugin zoom jquery .

Demo Download


Zoom js Zoom Any Webpage Element

Zoomerang.js – Jquery Lightbox With Zoom

Zoomerang.js is a drop-in library that allows your users tozoom in on (almost) any element on your existing page. It works even if you resize or scroll your page. No setup, arbitrary styling.

Demo Download


Zoomerang js Zoom In Any Element on Page Jquery

Smoothproducts – Responsive Product Viewer jquery zoom plugin free

A simple, lightweight, and responsive Product and image Viewer jquery zoom plugin free by Kevin Thornbloom.


  • Click to zoom & pan image on desktop
  • Lightweight script
  • Tap & drag to zoom & pan on mobile
  • Animates to different image heights (see 4th item)
  • Whole item is responsive
  • Indicator for thumbnail currently open

Demo Download


Smoothproducts – Responsive Product Viewer jquery zoom plugin free

Magnifier.js – Jquery Lightbox With Zoom

Magnifier.js is a Javascript Library for zoom magnifying glass Effect on an images. Take a look to the features and download it.

Features of  zoom magnifying glass Effect :

  • Attachment of user defined functions for thumbnail entering, moving and leaving and image zooming events
  • Zoom in / out functionality using mouse wheel
  • Attachment to multiple images with single call
  • Setting options via Javascript or data attributes
  • Display loading text while the large image is loading, and switch to lens once its loaded

Demo Download


Magnifier.js – Javascript Library for zoom magnifying glass Effect

EasyZoom –A Free jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

EasyZoom is an elegant, highly optimised jQuery image zoom  plugin. Perhaps EasyZoom is also a panning plugin supports touch-enabled devices and is easily customisable with CSS.

Demo Download


EasyZoom –A Free jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

Ion.Zoom – Image Jquery Lightbox With Zoom

  • Supports multiple independently operating galleries in one page.
  • ion.zoom — easy image lightbox jQuery plugin for small galleries. Allow to zoom images at place.
  • Supports keyboard controls with ESC, LEFT and RIGHT button.
  • Works on touch screen devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
  • Crossbrowser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE(8.0+)
  • GitHub page.
  • Ion.Zoom is freely distributed under terms of MIT licence.

Demo Download


Ion Zoom  Image Zoom Lightbox jQuery Plugin

SergeLand Image Zoomer – jQuery Image Zoom Plugin with

zoom magnifying glass Effect

SergeLand Image Zoomer is free jQuery Image Zoom Plugin with zoom magnifying glass Effect. Try it now.

Features of SergeLand Image Zoomer :

  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Smoothness of the animation in the browser IE8
  • Easy Organization gallery
  • Expanded functionality with the ability to fine-tune
  • Possibility to set their css classes to change the look

Demo Download



jQuery Image Zoom Plugin withzoom magnifying glass Effect

Snipe – Sniper jquery lens Jquery Lightbox With Zoom

Snipe is a jQuery plugin to add a sniper-lens-style zoom on images. Snipe makes zoom effect over images that follows the mouse. The round style of zoom makes it’s awesome for image.

Demo Download


Sniper jquery lens zoom on Images

Panzoom – Jquery Lightbox With Zoom with CSS3

Panzoom is a progressive plugin to create panning and zooming functionality for an element. It is a jQuery Plugin for Panning & Zooming Elements with CSS3.

Rather than setting width and height on an image tag, Panzoom uses CSS transforms and matrix functions to take advantage of hardware/GPU acceleration in the browser, which means the element can beanything: an image, a video, an iframe, a canvas, text, whatever you want.

Demo Download


A jQuery Plugin for Panning & Zooming Elements with CSS3

Nivo Zoom – Awesome Jquery Lightbox With Zoom

Nivo Zoom is a lightweight and simple image zooming jQuery plugin and available for free to you. This plugin support for 5 different zoom types and allow us to add HTML caption and awesome for use.

Features of Nivo Zoom:

  • Optional overlay support
  • Packed version only weighs 4kb
  • Supports HTML captions
  • 5 different zoom types
  • Free to use and abuse under the MIT license
  • Loads of settings to tweak
  • Simple clean & valid markup

Demo Download


Awesome jQuery Image Zoomer

elevateZoom – jquery lightbox with zoom Plugin with Options

elevateZoom is a free Image zoom plugin with options for window zoom, inner zoom, lens zoom. Tinting and easing can be enables also with this plugin. It is distributed under GPL and MIT license of this product.

Demo Download


elevateZoom – jquery lightbox with zoom Plugin with Options

Hover-Zoom – Image Zoom on Mouse Hover with Jquery Lightbox

Hover-Zoom is a Image Zoom on Mouse Hover with Transparency Effect Plugin. It’s really awesome for your use and amazing look.

  • displays a your images in full size when the mouse hovers over them.
  • Just include this plugin and all images in your webpage will have the Hover-Zoom effect.
  • also works with dynamically created images.
  • check out the transparecy feature of the hover-zoom’ed image!
  • press “Ctrl+b” or just “b” to enable or disable it on your web page.

Demo Download


Hover-Zoom – Image Zoom on Mouse Hover with Transparency Effect Plugin

Photobox – CSS3 Image Gallery jQuery Plugin: jquery lightbox with zoom

Photobox is a lightweight image gallery modal window script which uses CSS3 heavily for silky-smooth animations and transitions. The goal was to great an image gallery script that utilizes GPU rending instead is the 90% scripts out there which are using javascript to move things around the old fashioned way.

Supports: Firefox, Chrome and IE9+

Demo Download


Photobox – CSS3 Image Gallery jQuery Plugin: jquery lightbox with zoom

jmFullWall – Full Jquery Lightbox With Zoom Portfolio

jmFullWall is a jQuery plugin for the creation of zoom portfolio with jQuery plugin.

The plugin create a full page portfolio in which you can navigate into each single work. Once you have selected the work, you will be able to zoom in/zoom out the image and navigate into the image details by dragging it.

Demo Download


jmFullWall – Full Zoom Portfolio with jQuery Plugin

mlens – A Slick jQuery Magnifying Glass jquery lightbox with zoom Plugin

mlens is a jQuery plugin that simplifies creating this magnifying glass with jquery lightbox with zoom functionality so much.

It has some parameters like the shape of the lens (circle or square), lens size and the options for customizing the border. Also a WordPress plugin for this plugin is being developed.

Demo Download


A Slick jQuery Magnifying Glass jquery lightbox with zoom Plugin

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