Most Popular & MVC Best Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014 List

Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014 list helps you to get all best into one post. Every framework comes with something new features. All developer try to think different and try to develop something different. You can read more form the previous post about Best PHP framework list.

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Look at the following image. I have add this image for you so that you can understand which is searched more into Google. This is a screen Shoot form Google trends explore.

Best Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014 List

Fuel PHP (A Simple, Flexible,Community Driven PHP Framework)

Fuel PHP is one of the best simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework. Fuel php based on some best idea of other framework. This is a MVC framework.

Fuel PHP top 10 php frameworks 2014

Flight (An Extensible Micro-Framework Of PHP)

Flight is micro framework for PHP. This is very fast, simple and extensible framework for PHP. Flight framework requires for PHP 5.3+ and release under MIT license.

Flight--Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

Medoo (Lightest PHP Database Framework)

Medoo is loved by me as a micro framework and lightest too. This is lightweight and only 13kb in one file. Very easy and simple to learn it. This is compatible with various SQL databases, including MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL and under the MIT license.

Medoo-Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

Simple MVC Framework

  • Minimal Configuration
  • Simple Theme Files
  • Free Support
  • Database Support
  • User Add-ons
  • Light Footprint

User Feedback :

  • Simple MVC Framework seems more promising freedom creativity   Ari Ratic
  • I find this framework really easy to us, it makes my job building customer website much easier! Kerry Owston
  • Ditching Symfony – Looking forward to some actual coding!!  Cris Thompson
  • This is my second framework I use, I have used CI before but SMVCF is much more flexible, lighter (!), The best  Cody

Simple MVC Framework Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

Typo3 Flow

TYPO3 Flow is a web application platform.It is enabling developers creating excellent web solutions and bring back the joy of coding.

It gives you fast and formost results. It is a reliable foundation for complex applications. And it is backed by one of the biggest PHP communities.

flow-Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

Nette (Quick and Comfortable Web Development In PHP)

Look at the following target and focus of Nette Framework.

  • Perfect Security
  • Debugging Tools
  • Excels in Performance
  • Active Community
  • Easy Learning Curve
  • Good Habits
  • Modern Framework
  • A Mature Object-Oriented Design
  • Plugins and Extensions
  • Open Source License
  • Teamwork
  • Gives You Freedom

Nette Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

Silex (PHP micro framework bassed on symfony2 components)

Silex is a PHP micro framework for PHP 5.3. It is built on the shoulders of Symfony2 and Pimple and also inspired by sinatra.
A microframework provides the guts for building simple single-file apps. Silex aims to be:

Concise: Silex exposes an intuitive and concise API that is fun to use.
Extensible: Silex has an extension system based around the Pimple micro service-container that makes it even easier to tie in third party libraries.
Testable: Silex uses Symfony2’s HttpKernel which abstracts request and response. This makes it very easy to test apps and the framework itself. It also respects the HTTP specification and encourages its proper use.

Silex Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

 Guzzle PHP ( PHP HTTP client and framework for consuming RESTful web services)

Guzzle no longer requires cURL in order to send HTTP requests. Guzzle will use the PHP stream wrapper to send HTTP requests if cURL is not installed. Alternatively, you can provide your own HTTP handler used to send requests.

Requirements Of Guzzle PHP

  • PHP 5.4.0
  • To use the PHP stream handler, allow_url_fopen must be enabled in your system’s php.ini.
  • To use the cURL handler, you must have a recent version of cURL >= 7.16.2 compiled with OpenSSL and zlib.

Guzzle Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014

PHPixie Framework (Fast PHP Framework)

PHPixie is a lightweight and MVC framework build and develop for fast coding for all super coder. Phpixie utilizes a shortsighted execution of the solicitation reaction stream yet still empowers the utilization of more perplexing architectures, for example, HMVC. Phpixie handles a great deal of things uniquely in contrast to the full-stack systems. Case in point, most different systems that utilize an autoloader to load classes constrain a naming tradition. In this way, you must place classes in envelopes as indicated by their class names in such a route, to the point that a class inside/driver/mysql/query.php ought to be named Driver_mysql_query. Phpixie inverts that request so the class name gets to be Query_mysql_driver, bringing about much better coherence in light of the fact that the first expression of the class name really portrays the class better. This little change can enormously enhance the source code presentation of expansive tasks.


POP PHP (A lightweight yet feature-rich PHP Framework)

Pop PHP Framework is robust and easy ti use PHP framework with a verbose API. This seemed very heavy and intense for most of the smaller and even medium scale web apps for develop. Pop PHP supports PHP 5.3+ version.This framework contains many many new built-in features.

Pop-PHP-Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2014.

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