How To Target Best Audience In Facebook For Product Selling Marketing Campaign

What do I think about marketing?

Marketing means target your exact audience and at the same time choose the best quality product. Without the exact audience, nobody can sell a product. I think marketing stand for “Target Audience” and “Quality Product“.

Why do we fail sometimes?  Product Selling Marketing Campaign in Facebook

We fail because we can not target best audience for our product. For example, We have a product for skin care but sometimes we fail to target the audience. We target board audience. For example, if we select “Health” category for our “Skin Care” product our cost will be increasing and ROI (Return On Investment) will be little. I mean, we fail this campaign. We should calculate everything and need to write down all necessary things what we need.

Just Keep Patience and read this article attentively for learn the best way to facebook audience targeting and best marketing technique.

So, What is the best way?

If our target audience become small, our cost will be also little. Just target them who can buy your product. A Large audience is Red single to me. I always try to avoid this Red signal.

Just think, I am a dog seller. I want to sell my dog in California because I am not an international dog seller. Now I am going to make answer some question.

Look at the following question?

  1. What can I do for my customer?
  2. Where can I serve my service?
  3. What is my product type?
  4. Who can buy this?
  5. Which keyword comes to my mind for target?

This 5 question is really necessary for making a best Facebook ad Campaign. Now I am giving this question answer.

  1. I can serve dog for the dog lover.
  2. California
  3. My product is a real life product for the customer not digital or downloadable.
  4. Only dog lover will buy this. Age is not the fact for buying it.
  5. Dog Lover, Dog Lover in California, Best Dog Seller, Cute Dog, Online Dog Shop

Are You Ready for making a best FaceBook Campaign?

I am just going to show you how I research on Facebook for any campaign. I am going to make a click on “Create Ads” button on Facebook for research.


I love to select “Boosts your post” system. This works awesome for post Engagement and also sell. You can get share, like, comment and better sell also with it.

Boost Your Posts With Facebook Ads Marketing


Scroll down and come to this following image section. This is the main section for creating better ads campaign on Facebook. Facebook lets you target what you need. The “Interest” box is very important for everybody.

Target Facebook audience with interests box

Read Carefully, because this following line is the key to success in Facebook ads campaign.

What should you ignore for target?

If I want to sell my dog, my target is increasing the sell. For increase sell, I always avoid this following type of interest.

This following type of page will increase my cost and I will fail.

  1. App Page
  2. Music Page
  3. Funny Page
  4. Topic Page by Facebook

What Should you choose for profitable Facebook Marketing Campaign?

This following page type works better for selling a product by Facebook ads campaign.

  1. Store Page
  2. Magazine Page
  3. Celebrity Page (Sometimes but not always)
  4. Organization Page

Look at the following picture. You can see there “Dog Blood” and “Dog Friendly” page. This two page are Music and App. I will avoid this pages for the target.

Avoid App and music page for increase sell on Facebook by ads

I prefer to go to Google and search for some store who serve dog in my target city also. This all are my competitor. I need to target my competitor. I can select “Dogs Food”, “Dogs Store”, “Dogs Magazine” for my Dog Selling Campaign on Facebook. Check all this result and ads also. Check out their social activity.


If you can not find something special for you, then search on facebook search bar typing “Dog Food”, “Dog Store”, “Dog Magazine”. I have to check the social activity of this page and then i will select them. Don’t worry if you research like this your audience will be small and your cost also be small.

Dogs Food on Facebook search for marketing

Now look at the following image. I have added “Vienna Beef” and this page liked by 39k people. Only 1,600 people added my target audience. I target “Dog Food” because who have a single dog he/she may buy another dog too. But I will strongly target store. Off course, you have to select Locations, Age, Language also. I like to use English(US) for target United State country.

Target Audience on Facebook by dog food keyword Now I have got one keyword for my ads campaign. I suggest you to select 3 to 5 keyword within the same group. After finishing “Dog Food” Research, I will research about “Dog Store” and “Dog Magazine”.

Thus anyone can create best Product Selling Marketing Campaign in Facebook.

Article Name
How To Create Product Selling Marketing Campaign in Facebook
Some simple tips can boost your sell by advertising in Facebook. Learn how to create best Product Selling Marketing Campaign in Facebook. Just follow the tips.

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