Code Php Calendar Script In Your Website For Free

Script code php calendar helps you to add calendar in your site. You server must support PHP.

Script code php calendar helps you to add calendar and you can add events into calendar also. Hope you know about PHP calendar .

Just take a look at the following free code php calendar. You may like to get premium code php calendar also.

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Easy code php calendar

Download, install and run the test script to determine the version of PHP. This is done on your server and check for compatibility with the calendar script. The test script will provide links to download the appropriate calendar files for your server. This code php calendar is for free for your use. 

Demo Download


Easy PHP Calendar


LuxCal Web Based Event Calendar : code php calendar

LuxCal is an innovative net primarily based event calendar for home use and tiny businesses. it’s straightforward to setup and permits straightforward management of your calendar events from any web laptop reception, within the workplace or once on vacation. LuxCal has been designed for user-friendliness. Supported views: Year, month, week, day, forthcoming events and changes – all views show essential data solely with full event details on mouseover. different features: secret protection, user self-registration, RSS-feeds, week begin on Sunday or weekday, versatile date format, 12-hour am/pm and 24-hour time format, secret protection, coloured event classes, non-public events, multi-day events, advanced continual events, email notifications due dates and calendar changes, access rights configurable per user, North American country or general programme, import/export of iCal files, import of CSV files, multi-language support. LuxCal runs on a server with PHP and MySQL and produces XHTML.

Demo Download


LuxCal Web Based Event Calendar

php mysql calendar : code php calendar

php mysql calendar. applicable for internal use (for example company, school), straightforward to use and install. W3C valid for HTML5 and CSS3. day, month view. filter events by resources, transfer files… designed for standalone usage.

Demo Download


php mysql calendar

JEMWD Add to Calendar : code php calendar

The PHP script generates AN ICS file that is compatible with: * Apple iCal/Calendar App (Mac) * iPhone/iPad (iOS four.0 onwards) * Outlook 2007 (Windows) or else, the script generates a pre-filled Google Calendar page that ought to work on the bulk of standard browsers on sensible phones, tablets or computers.

Demo Download


JEMWD Add to Calendar

TeamCal Pro : code php calendar

TeamCal professional could be a net application supporting project groups in planning their members’ presence/absence. TeamCal professional is day-based which provides it the good thing about simply seeing who’s in and who’s not and why – and every one that in a lovely optical interface. transmission control protocol is powered  by PHP and MySql. It supports user authentication, user self-registration, user teams, avatars, absence icons, absence counts, allowances and far a lot of. It comes extremely suggested by the users WHO have recommended several enhancements that are inbuilt.

Demo Download


TeamCal Pro

Maian Events : code php calendar

Simple event calendar system, motorcar install file, Add/Delete/Edit events, Set begin and finish dates, embody emoticons in events, Javascript color picker, optional  program, Uses BB Code, embody calendar on any page on your web site, Dates area unit highlighted if they contain event(s), motorcar delete events via cron job originated, Uses the initiate a pair of example category.

Demo Download


Event Calendar Maian Events


Zhen Calendar: code php calendar

Need a powerful, web-based shared calendar wherever you’ll schedule or book your own appointments, similarly as share with a gaggle and invite others? does one wish to be ready to schedule usage of resources like rooms, vehicles, audio/video instrumentality and alternative inventory? does one wish to permit shared booking of these resources? wish to use the ability of on-line calendars (such as Google Calendar) on your own server?

Demo Download


Zhen Calendar code php calendar

Caledonian PHP Event Calendar : code php calendar

Caledonian PHP Calendar could be a user friendly, php based mostly and multi-user calendar/scheduling script. it’s such a large amount of nice options like timeline, multiple calendars, shared calendars, event reminder, multiple language support then on. you’ll customise it simply and use as a standalone programming application or integrate into your own application. you simply want an internet browser or HTML5 supported mobile device to use it.

Demo Download


PHP Event Calendar code php calendar

ajax Expense Manager : code php calendar

Ajax Expense Manager could be a nice little net application to those who needs to manage their expenses and controls the cash flow and current knowledge to csv for alternative uses. With this application you’ll track period of time values by the month, week and day similarly by classes. It is tailor-made and enforced in step with user preference thanks to its jquery plugin and php category.

Demo Download


ajax Expense Manager code php calendar

BookIt – Online Reservation Manager : code php calendar

Some available features of this calendar ;

  1. You can create as many services as you want
  2. You can create unlimited offers/events under any service
  3. Available day/date , time slots , maximum space , minimum space , price per space can be defined easily for any service or offer.
  4. Clients can browse all services and offers and ask for reservation easily.
  5. Clients can easily pay the charge using paypal.
  6. Manual/offline payment is also supported
  7. The whole design both front end and backend is responsive.
  8. You can easily intrigrated it with your existing web site or fb page.
  9. You can update anything or check out bookings from your smartphone/tablet/pc at any time
  10. Clients can make reservation from their smartphone/tablet/pc easily.
  11. Multi language support for front end.Easy modification system.
  12. User friendly email text modification.
  13. Backup ,Update and Plugin support available.

Demo Download


Reservation Manager code php calendar

Script PHP Gift Calendar Facebook Home : code php calendar

Gifts calendar which will send gifts to their friends, the calendar is connected to Facebook, afterward you’ll see your friends and send them gifts or birthday greetings. For all special occasions, infective agent traffic app.

Demo Download


Facebook Home code php calendar


Ajax Full Featured Calendar

This is a whole answer for jQuery fullcalendar plugin, useful  calendar and may be used on alternative calendars as a result of the PHP category. Most admin themes on themeforest use this plugin and that they ar static updated, with this answer currently they will get dynamic. It’s doable as a result of the php category and jQuery plugin that this product contains in 2 demo versions. The PHP category and therefore the js plugin retrieves all events to the calendar and therefore the events ar updated on drag and on size while not page reload or redirects and on every event click is displayed the event data that may be altered, exported or deleted.

Demo Download


Ajax Full Featured Calendar

Reg4Class code php calendar

Reg4Class lets non-public tutors and lecturers manage their students, classes, locations, schedules and finances on-line. Set your category hourly rates, add students, produce lesson schedules, record group action, keep track of finance balance.

Demo Download


Reg4Class code php calendar

Promoter code php calendar

Your visitors are ready to browse the events by class, victimisation the calendar or subscribing to the RSS feed, there’s additionally an enquiry box that permits to look for specific events. The script is SEO friendly because it uses easy URLs and mechanically generates a sitemap.xml you’ll be able to undergo search engines.

Demo Download


Promoter code php calendar

Events code php calendar

Administrator will produce one or additional calendars (e.g. a calendar for every events class or for various locations…) with unlimited events to feature. Events will last one or additional days and you’ll be able to add plenty of data like beginning and ending time and date for every event, variety of obtainable places, free or paid event admission, matter description, photos, videos, location map… etc.

Demo Download


Events code php calendar

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