Background Simple Jquery Image Slideshow Tutorial

Learn how to create a simple background jQuery slider. This article based on simple jQuery image slideshow tutorial.

What you need for making a Background Image Slideshow?

  • Simple HTML knowledge
  • Simple CSS knowledge
  • How to import CSS and JS file into HTML
  • A jQuery Plugin and
  • You have to read carefully this small post.

What you learn and get from this post?

You will learn how to work easily and make something special. We will give you a zip file where you can find some demo of background slideshow. This may be very helpful to you.

Let’s start now:

  • At first download jQuery and backstretch now.
  • Make a new folder named src or other and images or other into your main directory. Look at the following image of my main directory of this background slider example.
  • jQuery image slideshow directory
  • Make a simple HTML page format. Look at the following code and do it for your page also.
 <title>background Slider</title>

Now this is time for loading jQuery and Backstretch plugin. Use the following code for load jQuery and Backstretch plugin. Mind that you have to load jQuery first and after that you can run Backstretch.

 <script src="src/jquery-2.1.3.min.js"></script>
 <script src="src/jquery.backstretch.js"></script>

If you done all of this perfectly. You have now final stage of creating background slideshow. If you have selected your images already you have to insert them all into your HTML page. Copy the following code and paste it into your page under Backstretch. Perhaps you can also create a new js page and paste this following code. Edit your image URL and make it what you want.

 ], {
 fade: 750,
 duration: 4000

Look at the final image of my code editor.

Jquery Image Slideshow Tutorial


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