12 New Modern Website Design Trends 2015

Web Design is always change. Some new idea come and old idea gone. I have listed 12 top Website Design Trends 2015. This going top 12 Modern Web Design trends 2015 going to change the Design World.

As you are a web designer you have to connect with new idea. I have listed 12 Website Design Trends 2015  idea for become success. In 2015 web design get a revolution. This all idea will become more popular for all.

01. Typography Will Become More Soft & Flexible

At 2011 to 2013 Typography was not a great fact for building a professional website. AT 2014 Typography open a new sector of great design or professional design. And at 2015 Typography will be the main fact for design a professional website. Without loving Typography no one can not become designer. Typography will kill more and more time for all beginner of web designer.

Typography Website Design Trends 2015

Try to love Typography and mind that , Typography is that process by which you can describe your web content perfectly. Color combination, Font-size, Font placement, Hight, Width and so on are the element of Typography.

02. Minimal Design Will More Popular

At first we have to know What is Minimalistic Web Design ? For my word i am trying to give you and idea about it: Normally, Minimalism is stand for reducing a design to only the most essential elements. Before start design you have to make a list what is the necessary things for you upcoming idea and it’s design. For web designer it’s difficult and though to become minimalism master within some days. But anyone can be a master of Minimalistic Web Design. For become master you have to play with you mind and generate idea.

Minimalist Website Design Trends 2015

Clean and Minimalistic design sometime become risk for designer. If you fail to proper use of typography than your design will regected. Minimalistic design is called that design which bassed with an ideal design approach for clearly with purposefully presentition. Simple Splashes of color and creatice elements are necessary for a great Minimalistic Web Design. Don’t think a Minimalistic Design only a White Design.

03. Web Coding Will Be Changed  change coding Website Design Trends 2015

This title may be excited you but don’t worry, I mean the system of coding will be changed.As you are a designer you have noticed that, Github changed designer coding style. I can say that 100% designer take help form Github. All coding system are now Framework based. Framework arranged you websites content and than you have to build some custom Code for coloring, animating or placement something. For example i can say- Designer use Bootstrap for a build a website layout, use animate.css for animating something, use button for nice custom button, use color for creative color effect, use Font Awesome for icon and so on.

04. Must Follow Best Responsive Web Design

Passing by days people are addicted with browse internet via his/her smartphone, tabs and other device. Thinking about it you must work with Responsive Website Design. This is one of the most important trends of 2015. At 2014 responsive design play a role of 70 to 90 percent.

responsive Website Design Trends 2015


But in 2015 you can see that 100% of website will be Responsive and all design will build with Responsive Web Design. A Responsive website always loved by visitor perhaps a non Responsive Website is not like by all visitor. Because the tablet user can not browse a non Responsive site easily. Not Responsive design but Perfect Responsive Design will be popular in 2015.

05. Flat Design Will Be The King

Flat Design is personally loved by me. Because it’s look very simple but gorgeous. Flat design inspire most designer very much after take a look at the Introduction of Material Design. I suggest you to look at the Google’s Material Design if you don’t look it before. Perhaps Apple’s new aesthetic direction—the flat design trend is in full bloom.

Google Flat Website Design Trends 2015

06. Better Use Of Images

Passing of time Text become larger into web sector and now Images are also going to larger. You will be clear about it after previewing the Full Page Slider like superslidesvegas ,supersized . Before we used Small image for saving bandwidth but now this problem solved and we have to use High resolution image for better view and better design. Full images will be used in 2015 but with the help of better coding designer will color it , hover it, modify it. Images will be used into Website Background in 2015.

07. Scrolling Parallax Image & Video Effect

I know you have heard about parallax scrolling animation effect. This will be a gorgeous things for designer. Have you noticed that some major site use parallax scrolling animation effect into their product. For example , Google Inbox and Apple Iphone-6. Parallax make your website more and more attractive.

08. Sliders Will Be Must Needed

A Slider increase the beauty of a website. With the main idea of a website , designer need to build a perfect slider for this website. I don’t order you to put full screen slider but you must need to build a slider (This can be half or as you need). Put some features, product, service into slider.

Slider Website Design Trends 2015

09. Slide Out Menus System

At first take a look at this Slide and Push Menus. If you are a windows 8 user than you can see the Slide Out Menus and understand what is this menu. Acctually users can access the menu bar by toggling to the top or side of the screen. This is really a awesome trends for menu design. It don’t take so much popularity in 2014 but at 2015 it’s going to be popular.

Website Design Trends 2015

10. Font Will Be More Special

Before 3 or 4 year people use boring Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman fonts as website font. But now days are changed and people people like something new. Google font’s are now very popular for find out perfect font or website. Without upload font into your website now you can use many types of font. Designer sometime use premium font and even sometime customize font for better look of a website. Must read Google Font Combinations post.

Google Fonts Website Design Trends 2015

11. Video Instead Of Text or Flash

Video is going to more popular now. People use text and image into his /her landing page before. But now it’s time to build professional video with high information. Use Video into slider is also a technique. People become boar with reading text but people like to watch.

video insted of text or flash Website Design Trends 2015

12. Thinking Out Of Graphical Image or Flash

IT’s time to through all Graphics button,Graphics Social icon and so on with flash into your Trash box of MAC or Recycle bin of Windows. Graphical manner always attract our eyes so creating .gif or flash file or image is good for a website. Perhaps with Webgraphics (Just like Infographics) it’s more attractive. webgraphics convey large amounts of information, but involve elements that allow the user to physically interact with the information.

That is all about better top Website Design Trends 2015 list. If you follow this it may be very easy to you for design professional web template. Think better and try to do more better.

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